Thursday February 2nd, 2023

Celebrate love: stores with irrestistible discounts for Valentine’s day 2023

Most peoplelike celebrating Valentine’s Day in style. Have you ever wondered when this celebration of love and friendship started and why it happens specifically on February 14th?In this article, we tell you all you need to know about its origin, and we recommend the best online stores to get all your Valentine’s gifts for your loved ones.

Who was Valentine?
Let’s go back to Rome in the 3rd century AD, where a priest named Valentine rebelled against the orders of Emperor Claudius II of Goth, who decided to ban young lovers from getting married based on the idea that single men without families are better soldiers since they have fewer relationships and affections.

Priest Valentine opposed the emperor’s decree and began holding secret weddings for young couples, becoming the patron saint of lovers. After his death, he was named a saint, and to this day, his name and image continue to be one of the most universally recognized symbols of romantic love.

Why do we celebratelove on February 14?

Claudius II found out and sentenced Saint Valentine to death for disobedience and rebellionon February 14, 269 AD.Centuries later, in 494AD, Pope Gratius I proclaimedthe day of his martyrdom as Valentine’s Day. That is why Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on this date.

Love is celebrated on other dates around the world

It should be noted that love and friendship are also celebrated on other dates in different parts of the world. For instance, in countries like Finland and Estonia, this celebration is known as “Sobrapäev” and “Ystävän Paiva,” respectively. These are popular dates to ask for someone’s hand in marriage and to get married.

In Uruguay, love is usually celebrated in October, while in Bolivia it is done on September 21, around the time when spring begins in the Southern Hemisphere. In Colombia, the day of love is the third Saturday of September, known since a few years ago as the day of the bride and groom. Last but not least, in Brazil, the holiday is called “Dìa dos Namorados”and falls on June 12thin honor of Saint Anthony of Padua.

Great! Now you know a little more about the history of this festivity. Keep reading to discover our top recommendations for where to get your Valentine’s Day gifts to surprise your loved ones on this special date.

10 stores to buy your Valentine’s gifts online

  1. Personalization Mall:Online store where you can customize hundreds of items to give a unique detail to your partner or friends, with up to 50% discount.
  2. Amazon: Where you can find everything, especially a variety of tech and other electronic items.
  3. American Eagle:Here you will find up to 50% discounts on women’s apparel and other products.
  4. 6PM:Specialty store selling footwear, accessories and clothing where you can still enjoy its winter sale withup to 90% off.
  5. Aeropostale: The clothing brand is still offering specials of up to 70% off all its merchandise.
  6. Asos:Find good quality items for men and women at excellent prices. Take advantage of the winter sale and many offers that are still active.
  7. Victoria’s Secret:Perfect if you plan to gift lingerie and fragrances.
  8. Walmart:Find almost everything at very good prices. Look in all its categories and you will be able to find excellent gift options.
  9. Shein: Don’t miss out on all the #VDay deals at this store up to 30% off.
  10. Sephora: The perfect store for products that every beauty junkie will love.


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Thank you for reading, and happy #VDay!