EPS Pick-Up y Claims Policy

Customers mustalways check their packages when they receive them. After leaving our premises, no claims are accepted.

It is recommended to pick up packages before 7 days.After 90 days, packages may go up for auction if they are not picked up.

Package pickup on behalf of another person is not allowed without written authorization from the account owner.

Restricted merchandise has additional charges depending on items and characteristics (see details on our website).

Oversized packages are subject to a different billing price from their actual weight and may vary according to the service.

All packages must have proper packaging according to the type of merchandise being transported.


Claim Policies

Our warranty fee exclusively covers merchandise claims up to a value of US$199.99 FOB.

We do not accept nor are we responsible for claims generated by:

  • Goods that need refrigeration.
  • Items restricted, prohibited, or confiscated by authorities.
  • Delays caused by organizations or authorities related to the transportation process.
  • Merchandise shipped by USPS without individual package receipt.
  • We are not responsible for losses generated or profits not received due to loss or delay of documents or packages.
  • Appliances received with incorrectly placed or insufficient packaging, that is, without corner pieces, foam or packaging foam and its correct protection.
  • Appliances with packaging and protection in perfect condition but with internal operating problems or factory defects.

If a merchandise has a value up to US$350,000.00 FOB, request our optional insurance of US$130,000 per package. For higher value items, request a quote with one of branches.


Storage charges

Any item left in our warehouse for more than 30 days will be subject to a charge of RD$10.00 per pound per week.