To open an account with us all you need to do is:

  • Click “Create an Account” on our home page.
  • Choose what type of account you want: “Individual”, “Corporate”, or “EPS 4U (University)”. Then fill out the registration form with your information and upload a photo of your national ID.
  • Once you have created your account, including a username and password, you will receive an email notification and a welcome message to EPS.
  • The first time you place an order, you must personally pick it up at one of your locations to formalize your membership.

My EPS is an APP designed mainly for you to check the status of your packages more quickly and easily. It also allows you to request any of our delivery services, which you can prepay from your smartphone.

To download the APP, go to your APP store either on Android or Apple and search for My EPS.  Then,  just install it and log in with your username and password to get started.

1) Individual member:

If you make frequent online purchases and are looking for a company to ship your packages to the Dominican Republic quickly and safely, this account is for you. It can also suit you if you are a small entrepreneur with not much merchandise to ship.

To open an individual account, you must meet these requirements:

  • Name
  • National ID, driver’s licence or passport
  • Home or business address
  • Phone numbers


  • Physical addresses in the United States, China, and the largest cities in the world
  • O. box in Miami to receive correspondence
  • Package collection (pickup)
  • Payment of your merchandise to suppliers (COD) [only in Miami]
  • Assistance with online and catalog shopping
  • Package tracking online or via email

2) Corporate membership:

Choose this type of account if your orders will be in the name of a company that usually ships larger volumes of merchandise and generally uses air and sea routes for its imports or exports.

To open a corporate account, you must meet these requirements:

  • The company must be formally incorporated under Dominican law
  • RNC (Dominican tax registration number) and/or national ID card
  • Physical address of the company
  • Phone numbers


  • Physical addresses in the United States, China, and the largest cities in the world
  • O. box in Miami to receive correspondence
  • Package collection (pickup)
  • Payment of your merchandise to suppliers (COD) [only in Miami]
  • Assistance with online and catalog shopping
  • Package tracking online or via email
  • Automatic messaging (daily, weekly and/or monthly)

3) University account:

Choose this type of account if you are a college or university student or professor. With this account, you’ll be able to enjoy special shipping rates at our 4U branches, located on campus or near the main academic institutions in the country. Find us inside or near the UASD, PUCMM, UNAPEC, UNPHU, INTEC and UTESA.

To open a university account, you must meet these requirements:

  • Name
  • National ID, driver’s license or passport
  • Student ID
  • Home address
  • Phone numbers
  • Pick up your packages at one of our 4U branches


  • Physical addresses in the United States, China, and the largest cities in the world
  • O. box in Miami to receive correspondence
  • Package collection (pickup)
  • Payment of your merchandise to suppliers (COD) [only in Miami]
  • Assistance with online and catalog shopping
  • Package tracking online or via email
  • University rates

All types of EPS accounts will be assigned a unique client number to receive your correspondence and packages, as well as a service officer who will advise you on everything related to our services.

To access the student rate, you must present your college or university ID card directly at one of our 4U branches or send us an image along with your EPS client number to The name on the card must match the owner of the EPS account and it must be valid. If you don’t have your ID card on hand, you can send us your current class schedule.

To open a corporate account, you must fill out the corporate account registration form and present it to one of our branches along with your company’s RNC (Dominican tax registration number) or your national ID card, a copy of your business merchant registry and authorization from SIGA.

Among the benefits of having a corporate account are accessing special rates depending on the average volume of merchandise shipped in a period of time, as well as counting on a corporate advisor who will be in charge of assisting with your account and fulfilling your requests.

This is a benefit offered to clients after being active members for at least five (5) years. Loyalty discounts will be reflected in the final rate you will pay for shipping your packages.

Branch change requests should be sent to customerservice@eps–, indicating the EPS branch where you wish to be transferred. To proceed with the change, the account cannot have packages in transit and the email from which you send the authorization must be the one on file for your EPS account.

Customers registered in branches located in the interior of the country must request the change directly with their branch.

If the account owner cannot go personally to pick up their packages and chooses to have a third party do it, they must authorize the pickup by sending an email to or by calling their local office directly indicating the name of the person and their EPS #. The email address from which the authorization is sent must be the same as the one on file for the EPS account. In case of authorizations via telephone, the operator will verify the identity.

Depending on the location, there may be differences in hours of operation. Please, go to the branch section of this website ( so you can see its hours in detail.

At EPS we have an E-Shopping service available, which gives you access to the assistance of one of our representatives who can make online and catalog purchases for you. To benefit from this service, you just have to go to an EPS location near you and make the request.

USPS, which is the United States Postal Service, marks any package as delivered or as available for pick up when it is dispatched from their post offices, which is why you cannot view your merchandise in your EPS account. The actual delivery can take 7 business days or more to finally be delivered to our Miami warehouses. The use of tracking numbers of the USPS carrier company is not guaranteed. Moreover, USPS usually does not offer details for its deliveries, require the signature of the recipient or provide any proof of delivery, nor do they accept claims of any kind based on the fact that they are a public service of the federal government. Due to these reasons, we recommend you choose a safer shipping method when making your purchases, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL or others that could ensure the correct delivery and tracking of your merchandise, which will allow us to speed up our services as well.

The correct way to enter the address of our EPS warehouses is:

Street 1: 8260 NW 14TH ST
Street 2: APT and your EPS account (For example: APT X-XXXX)
City: Miami
State: Florida Zip Code: 33191–1501
Phone number: (Your personal phone)

If the web page where you made your purchase does not have the “Street 2” box to type, you must enter the corresponding information on the first line.

The telephone number that you must enter with the address must be your personal telephone number, since it could be used by the seller or carrier to contact you regarding your order.

The main difference between both services is the means of transportation used, the speed, cargo movement capacity, and average price per pound of cargo. Air cargo is much faster but the average price per pound is higher and the size of the merchandise to be transported is limited by the size of the aircraft doors. Sea cargo is a better option for high weight and volume cargo and is recommended for merchandise over 800 pounds. Its greatest advantage over air cargo is that the average price per pound is much lower for high weight and large merchandise.To use any of our cargo services, simply send your merchandise to our EPS cargo address. For details, contact our customer service department.

Restricted materials are articles or substances considered dangerous on an airplane which is why the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulates the transport of these goods. Restricted materials are shipped two days a week, Wednesday and/or Friday,as they must be carefully packed and guarded and therefore carry an additional charge.

Restricted merchandise includes:

  • Fuels
  • Paintings
  • Matches
  • Chargers to refill lighters
  • Alcohols

Household Items:

  • Drain cleaners (drain cleaners and solvents)
  • Cleaning products
  • Lighters

Compressed gases:

  • Aerosol (preferentially packaged material)
  • Butane fuels
  • Scuba tanks
  • Propane tanks
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Self-inflating bags
  • Shock absorbers
  • Seat belts
  • Screen cylinders

Other hazardous materials (these need a MSDS to be transported):

  • Dry ice
  • Gasoline-powered tools or instruments
  • Batteries
  • Tasers
  • Fueled camping equipment
  • Radioactive materials (including radioactive pharmaceuticals)
  • Poisons
  • Magnets
  • Coal

These are items that we do not transport and/or are prohibited to do so by current laws:

  • Weapons and accessories
  • Telescopic sights
  • Bullets
  • Cash
  • Pornographic material
  • Explosive, combustible and corrosive chemicals
  • Seeds
  • Floors
  • Flowers
  • Eggs
  • Feathers
  • Animals
  • Paintball guns
  • Airsoft
  • Hookahs
  • Child pornography
  • Narcotic drugs
  • Pepper spray
  • Swords

At EPS we offer you a safe and warranted service for the goods that are not found in the previous lists, when received duly packed. For more information, consult our Customer Service Department at (809) 540-4005.

All packages shipped to the Dominican Republic with a value equal to or greater than US$200.00 are taxed with up to three different taxes depending on the category to which they belong. Before that value, all items are exonerated.

EPS provides the customs management service for parcels with a value greater than US$200. Customs charges are charged to the customer when picking up the merchandise at our branches.

Make your pre-alert through our website or send us your tracking number, EPS number, and a brief explanation:

Single Customs Registry (RUA, in Spanish) is a mandatory registry requested by the General Customs Authority in the Dominican Republic and all customers who shop online must complete it. Registration is done directly from the DGA website at:

After successfully completing the registration, you must send a screenshot confirming the registration to, specifying your EPS account.

For an item to qualify for a claim, you must validate that the carrier delivered it to our warehouses and provided proof of delivery with the signature of one of our employees. If you meet these requirements, you must proceed to send us the tracking number and the invoice of the product to our customer service email and our representatives will validate the information in order to open a formal claim.

If your package was sent from the store where you made the purchase by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to our warehouses in Miami, it will normally show as delivered at the time of shipment, but it may still be in transit to our offices. When the package arrives at our warehouse in Miami, you will immediately receive a notification in your account.

After being received in Miami, your package is carefully classified and shipped to the Dominican Republic. Once in the country, it must go through customs for verification. When the merchandise is released, then it is taken to our Operations Center, from where it is taken to your branch as quickly as possible. Through your account, you receive notifications every step of the way, which allows you to know exactly where your package is at all times and which one is already available at your branch to pick it up. We recommend you download the MY EPS APP so that you can closely monitor it from your mobile.

Ideally, you should pick up your package as soon as it is available at your branch. We offer storage for up to 15 days at no additional cost. However, if a package stays at our offices for 90 days, it will be discarded.

If you have purchased used items with imperfections (incomplete cell phone parts, second-hand computers, parts for repair) and you wish to receive it, you must authorize it to, indicating the package code, tracking number and EPS account.

To receive your packages at home or any other location without having to pick them up at our branches, you just have to request the service through our web or APP MY EPS. Simply complete all the steps and pay foryour available packages. This service is usually free.

*Service not available in certain locations, so you must call your office to find out about the delivery options.

The delivery service is available by billing online through the “My EPS” App or through the website at the branches. The free delivery service applies to Naco, Bella Vista, Arroyo Hondo, 4U Unphu, 4U Intec, Santiago, Body Shop Santiago, 4U Utesa Santiago, APEC, UASD, Independencia and Sabana Larga.

If you belong to a branch located in the interior of the country, you can consult here to verify if you apply for the free or available delivery service .

This is a service to speed up the pickup of your packages. To get it, simple pre-pay packages through the APP or web and be sure to pick them up within 45 minutes at your selected branch. With this service, you avoid lines and wait times. *Applies to certain branches.

To make international shipments of documents, visit your nearest branch, and present an ID and the recipient’s information. To send tangible parcels outside the country you must have an EPS account for a minimum of 3 months. If you meet these requirements and wish to send the shipment, simply visit your nearest branch with the recipient’s information.

To make a national shipment, visit your nearest branch with your national ID card and provide the name and contact number of the recipient. To use this service, you do not need an EPS account.

Our national shipments service allows you to send documents and packages nationwide, from EPS branch to branch where you can comfortably send or pickup.

If you sent an electronic or high-end item via any Courier and then your empty box in another shipment, you may be subject to General Standard No. 01-2018 that regulates the division of merchandise through Courier companies, and our company EPS is not responsible for its confiscation by the customs authorities. This rule in Article 1, section D, indicates the following:

“It is presumed that there is splitting of shipments when identical, similar, substitute or complementary goods are introduced, product of shipments from the same or different consignors, for the same consignee or a related person (partners, dependents of the same employer) using one or several mother guides of the same Courier or of different Couriers, or using a set of procedures in a period of time of thirty (30) days or less, or when the import is part of a series of imports carried out or planned with the purpose of concealing its commercial purpose and unduly benefit from category “B”, which establishes the Regulation for the Express Dispatch of Shipments.”

The new UNITED PARCEL SERVICES (UPS) carrier system shows packages as delivered from the day or night before the actual delivery.

If after 48 hours of being shown as delivered by UPS, EPS still has not sent you the notification of receipt in Miami, you must contact UPS and request: the location and delivery of the package to the EPS address in Miami.

It is important to note that UNITED STATE POSTAL SERVICE (USPS) is a US government service and is a different carrier than UNITED PARCEL SERVICES (UPS), which is a private service. .