Friday June 24th, 2022

Why does Online Shopping make us so happy?

Picture this scenario: You are browsing the Internet… when suddenly, you see that item that you have been wanting to buy for so long, and it is on sale! You would not forgive yourself for missing out on this opportunity, so naturally, proceed to add it to your cart and get it.

Your next thoughts are how excited and even anxious you are to know that you will pick up your package from your favorite EPS location in just a few days.

And the day arrives! You get a notification indicating that your package is available. You literally jump out of excitement when you first hold the package in your hands. It certainly makes youhappy, but, why? Why does online shopping make you happy? Are you a “shopaholic”? Can money really buy happiness?

Do not worry, in this article we will clear all of that for you.

It does not matter if it is in-store or online, the act of buying gives us a lot of satisfaction, and it does not happenaccidentally.Our brain releases a burst of dopamine and endorphins, the same hormones that are released, for instance, when we eat chocolate or have sex.
This knowledge is also the basis for a lot of research and studies paid for by the marketing industry to then design strategies that will attract consumers without fail and increase sales of their products and services. Influencers on social mediaalso keep this in mind when they create content to get consumers to buy their recommended products in hopes of looking or feeling like a certain celebrity.

According to Scott Rick, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Michigan, in the United States, “retail therapy” is real. There are people who feel happier when they shop online or in-store because “it restores a certain sense of control over their lives and makes them forget their problems.”

Offers and discounts are other reasons why we feel joy when purchasing products online, as this activates the well-known “scarcity impulse” that motivates us to buy products.


What are the advantages of online shopping?

  • You can take your time browsing for products. When you shop online nobody will pressure you and you will have all the time in the world to make your decision.
  • With just one click you can have everything at your fingertips, always bearing in mind your budget and needs.
  • If you ship it with EPS, your wait time will be short and sweet. . You can stay up to date on where your package is and when it is available so you can pick it up safely, quickly, and reliably.
  • The best part of an online shopping spree is when your package finally arrives and you can enjoy it, just as you pictured it.


Moreover, when we shop online, the feeling can last even over a month. This happens because, according to the researchers, buying an item online gives us a good feeling of anticipation, while receiving the item allows us to relive that same feeling of happiness.
Without a doubt, online shopping influences our emotions, both when they are successful purchases, and even more so when they are NOT favorable at all.
At EPS we care about your happiness, that’s why we want to share some tips with you, so you make the most of online shopping and stay happy from start to finish.


3 Happy Tips for Online Shopping

  1. Before placing an order, be sure to check reviews from other buyers about the product you want.
  2. Even if you find an irresistible deal, don’t forget to carefully read the product description, including measurements, weight, delivery conditions, place of manufacture, and additional information offered by the seller. If you’re shopping from a third party, you can even take the extra step of comparing specifications on the official website of the brand to make sure everything is correct.
  3. If you have questions and concerns and can contact the seller, go ahead and do it and get rid of any doubts before placing your order.

Following these simple steps will ensure you maintain the happiness you felt when shipping and receiving your EPS orders, where your wishes come from.

EPS is the best option to shop online and ship your items to the Dominican Republic quickly and safely. In addition, we can help you place your orders through our E-shopping service available in most of our locations.

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