Wednesday September 7th, 2022

Why product reviews are the real influencers of your online shopping decisions

When we’re online shopping, it is common to feel overwhelmed by doubts and fears about making a bad purchase. However, a solution to this dilemma is gaining great popularity among our customers recently: checking product reviews!

Product reviewsare opinions about a product or service written by customers on a website or online store. These are usually found at the bottom of each product page, and in the same section as ratings. Some retailers, especially clothing stores, even encourage their customers to include their measurements, weight, height, size of the item purchased, photos or videos in their reviews as a way to offer more detailed references for potential buyers.

It should be noted that product reviews have been around for years, helping customers make better purchase decisions, but it wasn’t until recently that they became almost essential for online shopping and knowing how to read and interpret them is now considered a highly desirable skill, even.

Currently, 95% of buyerscheck for product reviews in online stores and 24%would not even consider buying a product without reading some useful reviews first. Moreover, a recent study found that 90% of buyers trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation.

The popularity of reviews is such that nowadays, customers prefer online stores where it is allowed to publish product reviews, ratings, or comments. And the reason behind this is that reviews generate buyer trustand reduce their risk feelings when it comes to electronic commerce. Ultimately, reviews can exponentially increase sales.


What are the benefits of checking for product reviews?

Product reviews are a tool that helps you choose the best product,and it offersadded benefits, such as:

  • More valuable information. Product reviews provide us with details that may not appear in the product description and may clarify questions about the product.
  • Comprehensive evaluation.You can find out other details on top of the description of the product like shipping, warranty, packaging, speed, returns, sizes, customer service, etc.
  • Discover similar products. Sometimes reviews introduce us to other similar products with better ratings since users tend to compare items and services online.
  • Quality-price reviews.Product reviews can help you figure out if the product you want has a good quality-price ratio and it’s worth it.


Online review platforms

If you search online, you’ll be able to find multiple platforms where consumers can discover how good or effective a product is among the options available on the market. These platforms offer star ratings that objectively evaluate the quality and effectiveness of products or services.

Likewise, online review platforms provide consumers with the opportunity to discover user tricks, function, performance details, and much more.