Thursday August 11th, 2022

We are turning 33, celebrate it with us!

33 years ago, EPS (EXPRESS PARCEL SERVICE) was born with a mission: to bring your wishes to you efficiently and reliably.

We appreciate the loyalty of our customers and we remain committed to continuing to be pioneers and visionaries of the courier service in the Dominican Republic to always provide the best way to transport your packages and correspondence.

We are proud to reach this 33rd anniversary in constant evolution, with goals and challenges that enhance our renovation, focused this year on implementing modern equipment and systems to maximize our operations. multidestination logistics and improve the quality of our deliveries, always guaranteeing the speed that characterizes us.

We permanently develop multiple actions to deliver the best of ourselves: a quality, fast and safe serviceto facilitate electronic commerce and online purchases for many Dominicans.

We have at your disposal more than 74 branches that allow entrepreneurship to small merchants who wish to send their products to the entire national geography through our National Shipping service. This year, in addition, we opened four new branches in: Villa Mella, Las Matas de Santa Cruz, San José de Ocoa and Fantino. By the end of 2022, we will add three new strategic locations to our extensive network and continue to grow at a rapid pace throughout the Caribbean.

Each year our leadership in the express transportation, freight handling and correspondence sector has grown stronger. This growth is due to the trust placed by our more than 200,000 clients.

Our services cover not only express transportation, handling of merchandise and correspondence, but also cargo handling for important companies in the country by air and sea.

EPS today has a modern logistics center with the capacity to handle thousands of packages simultaneously with automated technology for classification and distribution, as well as a receiving warehouse in Miami of thousands of square meters that allows us to handle your purchases and dispatch them to their destination in an agile way.

We are known for offering comfort and making life easier for our customers, through our efficient delivery services, either express at our branches or delivering the wishes and packages of our members to their homes.

33 years of uninterrupted work, thanks to the permanent commitment of our team of collaborators and the support of our strategic allies, drive us to continue pursuing new dreams.

Our goal is to continue providing the best experiences and solutions for online shopping, logistics and international courier transport to continue standing out as the fastest growing courier and raising quality levels in this commercial sector to the most < strong>high industry standards.

For all this we feel proud and invite you to celebrate another year of life with us, full of enthusiasm and positivism. Congratulations to our clients for being with us every day!