Tuesday March 22nd, 2022

United States Postal Services has marked my package as delivered but I don’t see it in my EPS account. What happened?

USPS, which is the United States Postal Service, marks any package as delivered or as available for pick up when it is dispatched from their post offices, which is why you cannot view your merchandise in your EPS account. The actual delivery can take 7 business days or more to finally be delivered to our Miami warehouses. The use of tracking numbers of the USPS carrier company is not guaranteed. Moreover, USPS usually does not offer details for its deliveries, require the signature of the recipient or provide any proof of delivery, nor do they accept claims of any kind based on the fact that they are a public service of the federal government. Due to these reasons, we recommend you choose a safer shipping method when making your purchases, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL or others that could ensure the correct delivery and tracking of your merchandise, which will allow us to speed up our services as well.

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