Thursday July 1st, 2021

For what reason do Dominican Customs retain certain items that I send separately in different packages?

If you sent an electronic or high-end item via any Courier and then your empty box in another shipment, you may be subject to General Standard No. 01-2018 that regulates the division of merchandise through Courier companies, and our company EPS is not responsible for its confiscation by the customs authorities. This rule in Article 1, section D, indicates the following:

“It is presumed that there is splitting of shipments when identical, similar, substitute or complementary goods are introduced, product of shipments from the same or different consignors, for the same consignee or a related person (partners, dependents of the same employer) using one or several mother guides of the same Courier or of different Couriers, or using a set of procedures in a period of time of thirty (30) days or less, or when the import is part of a series of imports carried out or planned with the purpose of concealing its commercial purpose and unduly benefit from category “B”, which establishes the Regulation for the Express Dispatch of Shipments.”

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