Saturday January 18th, 2020

How can I link my company to EPS for DGA purposes and what is it for?

In order to offer the customs service of maritime cargo and/or permits through the VUCE system, the link between the company or institution with its customs agent at the DGA is essential. Each importer (client) must carry out the virtual process through the SIGA page, they must have a token which will allow them to access the SIGA page and from there choose the customs agent, in this case EPS, to carry out the customs clearance of their goods. loads that need permission.

If EPS is your customs agent, you must follow the steps to make the link:

Guide to request a digital certificate Viafirma: 22247/guide-automation-process-link-20-final.pdf

Guide to make the link with EPS: 22247/guide-automation-process-link-20-final.pdf

EPS clients, who import/export merchandise regulated by government entities (INDOTEL, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Agriculture and INDOCAL, etc.), must carry out the liaison process with EPS. This in order that when merchandise that needs permits is received, the loss of time in the import clearance process of said merchandise regulated by the indicated entities is avoided.

We detail some of the goods that require permits through the Foreign Trade Single Window (VUCE):

  • INDOTEL: regulates all telecommunications items such as: cell phones, routers, smart watches, communication radios, switches, repeaters, etc.
  • PUBLIC HEALTH: grants product permits for everything for human consumption, as well as medical, dermatological and fragrance products.
  • INDOCAL: Controls all measurement items, i.e. scales, thermometers, valves, fuel pumps, sensors, etc.
  • AGRICULTURE: imports of plant origin such as: live and/or dead plants, seeds, wood, tubers, bulbs, among others.
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